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Works for Freedom

Works for Freedom

Works for Freedom supports practice that empowers, by sharing knowledge and experience.

Website URL: http://www.worksforfreedom.org

Creativity Works believe that the journey or process of creativity can have a positive impact on the way that people grow and develop. They aim to bring together artists, participants and practitioners in order to bring about positive social and community change.

Creativity Works run courses that are suitable to help those with mental health problems, or generally facing difficulties in their lives. They also run programmes for practitioners that help their organisation reach their goals via creativity. By using creativity, they hope to act as an agent for social change by connecting people and places and to provide a catalyst for personal and social transformation. 


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Justmentoring is an interactive hub linking mentoring services, criminal justice agencies, commissioners, service users and volunteers together in one place to support the building of crime-free lives. 

The hub hosts a directory of over 200 mentoring services in England/Wales, that support adults with convictions and referrals/contact can be made to each mentoring service through the site. The site also promotes volunteer mentor opportunities and includes real life stories, resources and useful links.  The hub was developed with funding from NOMS and is managed by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

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Home-Start gives support to families who may be struggling to cope with a variety of challenges, including post-natal illness, disability, isolation, the demands of parenting young children, bereavement and multiple births: helping prevent these difficulties from escalating into crises, and crises from developing into family breakdown.

Across the UK thousands of Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in diverse situations. They provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support and help build the family's confidence and ability to cope. For example:

  • Visiting families in their own homes to offer support, friendship and practical assistance
  • Reassuring parents that their childcare problems are not unusual or unique
  • Encouraging parents' strengths and emotional well-being for the ultimate benefit of their children
  • Trying to get the fun back into family life
  • Encouraging socially isolated parents to engage in the community.


Published in Relationships Practice

Emmaus UK


Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference. They don't just give people a bed for the night; they offer a home, meaningful work and a sense of belonging.

Emmaus social enterprises generate revenue that pays for companions' home, food and upkeep, as well as providing a small weekly allowance. This is key to restoring feelings of self-worth, showing these individuals that their actions make a real difference, both to their own life, and the lives of others.

Unlike a lot of provision for homeless people, Emmaus communities offer a home for as long as someone needs it. Emmaus companions get a room of their own, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance. In return, they ask:

  • That companions work for 40 hours per week, or give as much time as they are able, in the community's social enterprise;
  • That they behave in a respectful way towards one another;
  • That no alcohol or illegal drugs are used on the premises;
  • That they sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit.

Emmaus' main business is collecting donated goods and selling them in their shops. They also run Emmaus cafés, house clearance businesses, gardening projects and clothing shops. Many Emmaus communities also 'upcycle' old furniture, re-painting and re-upholstering it to give it a new lease of life before it is sold on. This gives Emmaus companions the opportunity to gain new skills, or use their existing creative flair to bring something back into use.

Published in Housing Practice

Kingston Rise


Kingston Rise provide peer support to individuals who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. They hope to achieve positive change in the community by engaging the community itself.

Ultimately they want to promote social inclusion and integration, regeneration and community empowerment, and challenge marginalisation, stigma and inequality.

Kingston Rise have a huge range of services. This varies from regular drop in centres and signposting services to workshops that promote skills for personal development. They even offer a positive space where individuals can join the social network and work towards their recovery by immersing themselves in outings, interest clubs and education. 

Published in Health Practice

Hammer and Tong Productions is a Cambridge-based social enterprise that provides a variety of programmes for aspiring actors and film-makers, to develop their artistic skills and provide a pathway back into education.

Their main focus is on supporting young and people who have previously been in prison (as well as those with drug and alcohol problems) through a mentoring programme, involving the wider community, to develop an anti-crime initiative.

Their aim is to provide serveral workshops in local prisons that will provide an education pathway for prisoners of all ages. They also create promotional videos for local community organisations, and even businesses that are looking for advertising material. The workshops will include:

  • Careers in new media
  • Music production
  • Drama techniques
  • Forum theatre
  • Dramatic structure
  • Crime and it's consequences



Freshwinds offer care and support, without charge, to adults and children living with life threatening and life-limiting illness, as well as individuals from socially excluded backgrounds.

They deliver a range of services including the provision of integrated complementary therapy, advocacy, employment advice, debt counselling and community based initiatives on HIV, substance misuse and crime.

Freshwinds was founded as a holistic charity and they work with individuals to find a meaningful resolution to their situation.

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Bench Outreach


Bench Outreach help people access appropriate housing and treatment, and provide signposting, advice, referral and advocacy as needed. This service now works with over 200 people annually. These services are inclusive, confidential, non judgmental service founded on equality, diversity and the sanctity of human life.

Their objectives are:

  • To assess and refer clients to appropriate services within a timescale that meets their needs
  • To continually evaluate the experiences of their clients and adopt a creative approach to ensure that future plans do not result in a repetition of past failures
  • To ensure that communication and understanding is at the heart of the relationships with their clients and partners
  • To participate in training and reflective practice that informs the future direction and delivery of services
  • To engage in local and national dialogues that seek to influence the provision of services and end discrimination against homeless individuals with complex needs
  • To explore and develop new approaches to housing and treatment provision.
Published in Housing Practice

Essex Change


Essex change provides services for any man or woman who wants to stop their abusive behaviour towards their partner or ex-partner. 

They created The Change Project, which is a programme that lasts over 27 sessions (groupswork) or 18 sessions (individual). The programmes work in small groups of up to 10 men to help them understand their behaviour, take responsibility for it and offer them skills and support to end their abusive behaviour.

Essex change also offer supper to the victims of domestic abuse. The Support service is aimed at increasing victim's safety and enabling victims to explore and make sense of their experience of domestic abuse.


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Detention Action campaigns for an end to immigration detention without time limit, and to the practice of detaining people because they have claimed asylum.

They lobby government, produce authoritative research and organise events to raise awareness about the injustice that people in detention are facing. They challenge stereotypes and ensure that people in immigration detention centres are not invisible and unheard.

People in immigration detention centres often have very limited understanding of English, the legal system or their rights. Detention Action provides the vital support and advice that they need to cope in detention and navigate the system.

Alongside their compains they have released many supporting publications.

Published in User-Voices Practice
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