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Unlock is an independent charity that strives to provide advice, advocacy and support services for people with criminal convictions.

They combine professional training with personal experience in order to create an environment where people with previous criminal convictions can feel confident that they are being supported and encouraged in getting their lives back on track.

Unlock has the most comprehensive source of practical self-help information for people who are struggling because of their previous conviction, covering issues such as disclosing to employers, criminal record checks, getting insurance and travel abroad.

Their services include:

  • Confidential helpline
  • Online Information hub
  • Advocacy
  • Expert training for practitioners
  • Policy and campaign work
  • DisclosureCalculator.org.uk – a unique web tool makes it simple to calculate when convictions become 'spent' and no longer need to be disclosed in most case. In 2012, 6,417 were able to make informed decisions when rebuilding their lives after using the Disclosure Calculator.

Unlock is dedicated to improving individual's resettlement chances, reducing their sense of social exclusion and helping them realise and achieve their potential.

All of this contributes to reduce re-offending by increasing the number of people who successfully overcome the on-going, changing and increasingly complex hurdles that face law-abiding people who have previous convictions.

Ultimately, Unlock wants people to be able to positively move on with their lives.

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This directory is an online database that allows you to search for voluntary and community organisations that work with offenders and their families in England and Wales. Organisations can be searched for through the location a person is in, the name of the organisation, a list of all organisations and there is also a general search. Listing and registering your organisation's details is free.

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Inside Time


Inside Time is designed to help individuals in prison, their friends and family members and anyone working in a prison related industry or service. With the strap line ‘the national newspaper for prisoners’ the website has been designed with input from former prisoners. It includes information supplied directly by each prison and the respective organisations, including information on prison visits and regimes.

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Promotes greater access to financial services for people who have been in prison.

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User-voice is a charity run by service users of the criminal justice system. User-voice gives individuals who have been convicted of offending a voice and believe the only way to effectively engage with people convicted of offending is through a service user-led and delivered organisation. The organisation provides three types of services to stop ‘re-offending’: programmes which have proven to give a platform to service-users; bespoke consultancy to engage users; and advocacy. User-voice sees the only way to stopping ‘re-offending’ is by involving users of the criminal justice system in the decision making process.

Published in User-Voices Links

Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) is a coalition of four national charities – Clinks, DrugScope, Homeless Link and Mind – formed to influence policy and services for adults with multiple needs and exclusions. Together the charities represent over 1600 frontline organisations working in the criminal justice, drug and drug treatment, homelessness and mental health sectors

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St Giles Trust


Provides support and advice in prisons and in the community

Published in Housing Links

Evaluation of the Family Pathfinders’ Programme, which pilots new ways of multi-agency working to support families with complex problems such as poverty, domestic abuse, poor mental health and substance misuse. The emerging findings of this programme provide practical examples of how local authorities can restructure service provision and develop new new working practices in response to the challenge of improving outcomes for these families.

Published in Relationships Policy

The research explores the views and perspectives of family members of substance users on the relationship between alcohol, drugs and domestic abuse. It highlights the need for support and resources of family members and makes recommendations for policy and practice.

Published in Relationships Policy

Paper summarising the evidence from research about domestic violence perpetrator programmes, which are multi-agencies interventions aimed at providing a 'safe and meaningful' opportunity for domestic violence perpetrators to stop being violent. This briefing examines and assesses the existing evidence of the effectiveness of both criminal justice based programmes (usually run by probation or prison staff) as well as community based programmes.

Published in Relationships Policy
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