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Displaying items by tag: liver disease

On the back of news of the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into drugs comes new data on the health impact of alcohol consumption. A study by Balance, the North East of England’s Alcohol Office, has found evidence of a significant increase in hospital admissions for alcohol-induced liver disease. This reinforces the case made by Professor David Nutt and his colleagues last year that alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs, legal or otherwise, currently consumed in the UK.
For its inquiry the Home Affairs Committee is keen to explore the 'relationship between drug and alcohol abuse' and the 'comparative harm and cost of legal and illegal drugs'.
The inquiry is therefore a good opportunity for drug and alcohol practitioners to share their knowledge and experience of the short and longer-term harms of all drugs, including alcohol, as well as of what works in addressing these harms.
Works for Freedom is collating a combined submission to the Committee from drug and alcohol practitioners, so get in touch if you'd like to contribute to it.
Published in Drugs Policy