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Changing Tunes


Changing Tunes is a charity that uses music to aid the rehabilitation of both those currently in prison, and those who have recently completed a prison sentence. It ultimately aims to reduce re-offending rates by encouraging individuals to get involved in a variety of musical tasks including composing, performing and recording.

The work undertaken by Changing Tunes assists individuals caught up in the criminal justice system in a variety of ways; not only does taking part build confidence, self-esteem and personal development, it also aids the maintenance of relationships and provides therapy to those with mental health issues.


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We give families of prisoners a platform and a voice to view their opinions.

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Gingerbread is a registered charity for the support of lone parents in Britain, run by lone parents. Includes links to regional groups and a support and advice hotline.

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Inside Time


Inside Time is designed to help individuals in prison, their friends and family members and anyone working in a prison related industry or service. With the strap line ‘the national newspaper for prisoners’ the website has been designed with input from former prisoners. It includes information supplied directly by each prison and the respective organisations, including information on prison visits and regimes.

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NSUN is an independent network of individuals and groups who have direct experience of mental health distress and/or using mental health services. NSUN aims to engage and support the wide diversity of mental health service users and survivors across England in order to strengthen their voices.

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CHANGE is an organisation led by disabled people and believes that people with learning disabilities should have the same rights and choices as everybody else. CHANGE works with other people and organisations to try to make sure people with learning disabilities can have all of these things.

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The National Service User Forum provides the opportunity for those who have had direct experience of mental health problems and other problems and have had contact with the criminal justice system to come together and help shape policy to improve services and help raise awareness on the issues forum members have faced.

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Plenet (Public Legal Education Network) gives people the know-how to manage the law in their everyday lives, equipping people with the knowledge, skills and the confidence needed to successfully resolve problems encountered in day to day life.

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Editorial feature of Drink and Drugs News Summer 2010 which looks at how Service user groups are having to sharpen a keener sense of purpose in the current climate, what the groups mean to individuals, and how self-help organisations can play a critical role in helping drug users maintain lasting recovery. The directory provides a comprehensive nationwide listing of service user groups.

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Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) is a coalition of four national charities – Clinks, DrugScope, Homeless Link and Mind – formed to influence policy and services for adults with multiple needs and exclusions. Together the charities represent over 1600 frontline organisations working in the criminal justice, drug and drug treatment, homelessness and mental health sectors

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