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Displaying items by tag: People with disabilities

An overview of the groups most likely to suffer from financial exclusion and the causes behind it, as well as of the initiatives aimed at tackling the issue. Suggests how policy makers can address the needs of the financially excluded. Among the findings are that the most successful support services share some key characteristics, e.g.: continuity of funding; specifically trained staff; independence and trustworthiness; and partnership working.

Published in Money Policy

Influential report exploring the links between social exclusion and criminalisation. Covers a range of factors, including mental health, education, employment, debt, families. Chapter 13 focuses on housing and the factors contributing to losing accommodation, including what happens to one’s housing benefit upon imprisonment; supported housing; good practice examples and housing issues for specific groups. Outlines recommendations for improvement in the various areas.

Published in Housing Policy



Enable provides support for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems who either want to move towards open employment or education, or for individuals who are already in employment. Enable also provides support and advice for employers when recruiting people with a learning disability.

Maple Access Practice is a GP surgery in Northampton which engages with chaotic drug users, many of whom have other issues, such as homelessness and sex work. Maple’s priority is harm minimisation. It endeavors to be as flexible and accessible as possible and offers drop-in sessions, counseling and art therapy, complementary as well as traditional medical treatments.

Published in Health Practice

Hafal's Criminal Justice Link Service is aimed at anyone with a serious mental illness who has become involved (or is at risk of becoming involved) in the criminal justice system. By serious mental illness we mean schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other diagnoses which typically involve psychosis (losing touch with reality or experiencing delusions) or requiring high levels of care or which might require hospital treatment. Hafal is the principal organisation in Wales working with people recovering from severe mental illness.

Published in Health Practice

Crew 2000


Crew 2000 offer a range of services that are appropriate and proportionate for wherever people are on their drug using journey. Our services are for people at every level: from people interested in drugs and their effects and experimenters, to regular users and to people who are finding their drug use is causing problems for them.

Published in Drugs Practice

The principal activity of Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) is to reduce substance–related harm with an emphasis on promoting change, challenging prejudice and maximising people’s potential. In a society where public and professionals’ attitudes towards drug users remain the highest barriers to change.

BDP provides welcoming and non-judgmental services and is committed to changing the attitudes of others towards people with a drug problem.

Published in Drugs Practice
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