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Lifeshare is a voluntary organisation established to help meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester and Salford.

The first point of contact is with people on the streets, offering practical assistance, support and information. From this point they offer continued assistance that enables people to secure suitable accommodation, support them in maintaining their tenancies, and help them to access initiatives that carry their lives forward.

They have three main projects:

Crisis Assessment & Referral Diversity Service (CARDS): targets vulnerable and marginalized young people aged 16 to 25 in Manchester, particularly those who are homeless (or at risk of becoming so) and those at risk of being sexually exploited.

Christmas Project: a Lifeshare service that relieves the isolation felt at Christmas by operating an 'open house' out of the Charter St Ragged School on Dantzic St in Ancoats from 8am to 8pm for six days over the Christmas period. From this facility they provide company, entertainment, food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, and medical care.

Weekend Breakfast Project: a service that operates from 7am to 9am, every Saturday and Sunday morning, serving on average 50 to 60 cooked breakfasts to those in need - all free of charge. (That's around 5000-6000 breakfasts a year!)

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Networkfour originated back in December 2008 with the vision to see Birmingham's most vulnerable and deprived young people and adults offered a chance to see hope and transformation. Since then Networkfour continues to establish and grow to now provide support for many hundreds of adults and young people to find steps to change and a positive future.

Their hubs work directly with West Midlands Police and support Local Policing Units and Offender Management Teams offering nine bespoke intervention care pathways  across the following areas for any individual referred to us through West Midlands Police, probation and youth offending teams:

  • Health                                    
  • Housing                                           
  • Alcohol and substances
  • Children of those sanctioned by criminal justice
  • Families
  • Benefits, finance and debt
  • Attitudes thinking and behaviour
  • Education, training and employment
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual exploitation
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In the first few hours and days immediately after release and in the weeks and months ahead, Certitude helps people leaving prison to find somewhere to live and also provide advice on benefits and offer emotional support. They can also support people to access health and social services. Based in Balham, they support people from 14 prisons across London and the South East and people who are returning from prison to one of the 33 London boroughs.



Kwads supports both drug users and their carers. They aim to meet the needs in the local community by collaborating with other drug and alcohol service providers across the wider Bristol area, ensuring that everyone has access to services they need.

After an initial assessment, each client is assigned a support worker who helps them to progress through the programme. Kwads also offer an education group training programme running for one evening session a week for 10 weeks. The course looks at themes such as stress, coping, boundaries, and health and wellbeing. It also provides individuals with tools and techniques to cope with difficult situations and emotions.

Published in Drugs Practice

Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH) are a charity specialising in working alongside female sex workers and drug users to encourage sexual health, personal safety and wellbeing. Located in the Greater Manchester area, the dedicated team at MASH comprises of people who originate from a variety of different backgrounds who offer choice, support and empowerment to promote individual positive life changes. Established in 1991, MASH offer a wealth of different services, such as offering information and advice to reduce health risks, raising public awareness, offering women safe alternatives and opportunities to exit sex work, and the promotion of partnerships which bring together legislation, law enforcement and public health interest. 

The outreach services led by staff and volunteers at MASH also offer a variety of pratical support such as contraception, health screenings, pregnancy testing, needle exchange, personal alarms, safety advice and drug referrals. 

You can find out more about the services and support offered by MASH by visiting their website: www.mash.org.uk 

Published in Health Practice

The 999 Club


The 999 Club runs two centres, both in the London area, which provide a wide range of support to vulnerable individuals; in particular, they aim to help those who have mental health problems, are suffering with drug or alcohol addiction, and those who are homeless. It has an open door policy, offering assistance in any circumstance to those who need it most.

Additionally, The 999 Club also runs a small nursery at one of its centres for the children of individuals with considerable social problems. The nursery provides a stable environment for the children, whilst allowing parents the time they desperately need to overcome these issues.

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RECOOP promotes the care, resettlement and rehabilitation of older prisoners, and those who have been sanctioned by the criminal justice system, in particular people over the age of 50. RECOOP works through the provision of support services, advocacy, financial advice and mentoring on issues such as employment and training, and also offer advice on housing and health. The aim is to enable older prisoners on release to take control of their lives and remain free from future involvement in the justice system, and prevent them from becoming socially excluded.

There are specific needs for the older group of prisoners, for example:

  • Those retired in prison often have no educational or leisure opportunities and remain locked in their cells for long periods of time
  • Many older prisoners have lost contact with friends and family, and often do not have a home to return to on release from prison
  • RECOOP supports and advises older people on release from prison to improve opportunities for resettlement and rehabilitation and raises awareness of the needs of older prisoners at regional and national level.

    Published in Relationships Practice

    Young People in Focus supports individuals and organisations working with young people and their families to provide better services through training professionals, producing practical resources and researching and evaluating services. Young People in Focus challenge the negative stereotypes placed on young people.

    Published in Relationships Links

    This directory is an online database that allows you to search for voluntary and community organisations that work with offenders and their families in England and Wales. Organisations can be searched for through the location a person is in, the name of the organisation, a list of all organisations and there is also a general search. Listing and registering your organisation's details is free.

    Published in Relationships Links

    NSUN is an independent network of individuals and groups who have direct experience of mental health distress and/or using mental health services. NSUN aims to engage and support the wide diversity of mental health service users and survivors across England in order to strengthen their voices.

    Published in User-Voices Links
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