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About Works for Freedom

Worksforfreedom.org supports practice that empowers criminal justice users and clients and transforms their lives for the better.

It does this by providing a platform for criminal justice practitioners, policymakers, researchers, funders and users to share examples of good practice, discuss concrete practice questions and network with each other.

We are interested in practice that:

  • Is enabling and empowering for its service users
  • Is not coercive and does not judge
  • Puts the person and their needs at the centre of practice
  • Works across silos and boundaries, to meet people's multiple needs

Want to contribute?

We want Works for Freedom to be a place where practitioners, researchers, policy makers, funders and service users can share experience and ideas about what supports peoples' needs.

Sign up and become a member of Works for Freedom to publish information about a project, using text, video, images and links. You can also submit interesting policy documents or research findings to support empowering practice; as well as comment and rate content on the website.

What's the thinking behind Works for Freedom?

We are interested in people's needs, needs any of us could have, rather than the fact that they have been convicted of a criminal offence.

The National Offender Management Service identified seven resettlement pathways to support people out of the criminal justice system. Looked at another way, these 'pathways' can also a way of identifying the single or multiple needs a person might have that lead them to become caught up in the criminal justice system. So, we have arranged information on this site in terms of the needs a person might have, and sought to find practice that supports those needs, policy and research that show what practice might best do this, and organisations that can provide more information.

The needs are: housing, drugs, health, money, learning and work, user-voices and relationships.

Who are we?

The Works for Freedom team is based at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, an independent public interest charity that engages with the worlds of research and policy, practice and campaigning. Through Works for Freedom the Centre aims to share and develop knowledge on practice that empowers.